Gerry Carroll of People Before Profit, Northern Ireland – 11th May 2015

Following the May 7 British general election, we spoke to Belfast councillor Gerry Carroll, who won just shy of 7,000 votes with People Before Profit, and asked him about the dramatic losses to mainstream parties.


Sam Cook of SOS Blak Australia on protests against remote community closures – 4th May 2015

In the wake of seven weeks of global protest against the closure of remote Aboriginal communities in Western Australia, we spoke to organiser Sam Cook, from SOS Blak Australia, about the significance of the movement.

“No jab no pay” a discussion with Ura Auckland on the Abbott government’s authoritarian new vaccination policy

The “No jab no pay” plan to withhold payments of child-care and family tax benefits for unvaccinated children could cost non-compliant parents up to A$15,000 a year in childcare and welfare benefits.

Perth Indymedia speaks with Ura Auckland, previously commercial executive in medical science and author of viral blog piece A call for Pro-truth to replace Pro-Vax v Anti-Vax.

Turbans and Trust co-founder Harjit Singh on the recent interfaith ceremony in the wake of the Sydney siege

We speak with Turbans and Trust co-founder and Perth Sikh community leader Harjit Singh on the recent interfaith ceremony in the wake of the Sydney siege in solidarity with the Muslim community and in remembrance of lives lost.

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