Luke McMahon from Media Direct – a secure communications platform facilitating direct and anonymous contact with leading journalists.

Media Direct has announced today the opening of a new online service designed to securely connect whistleblowers and journalists.

“We live in an age where whistleblowers are more important than ever, but in which the technology used to blow the whistle has not kept pace with the technology used to stifle transparency,” says Luke McMahon, the Australian co-ordinator of the project whom we had the opportunity to speak with.


2nd September Feminist Virginia Brown, Human Rights Lawyer Julian Burnside, Federal Labor Candidate Alannah MacTiernan

Continuing with the Wikileaks focus, we’ll be looking at an entirely different angle tonight as we speak to Virginia Brown from the group Feminists opposing an Assange-led Wikileaks Party.

We play a Morning Magazine interview with the human rights lawyer and refugee advocate Julian Burnside.

And livewire former State Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, and federal candidate for the seat of Perth, Alannah MacTiernan.

19th August #assange #wikileaks #auspol

In a special RTRFM “Radiothon” edition of the show we speak to Wikileaks founder and Victorian Senate candidate Julian Assange.

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear Assange’s views on the global rebellion his organisation helped inspire, as well as his take on how Wikileaks plans to disrupt the two-party status quo of yet another dreary federal election campaign.

We also speak with him (and editorialise at length) on the very controversial preferencing deals of the WikiLeaks party.

8th July #indigenous #landrights #prism #snowden

With the finalisation of Premier Colin Barnett’s offer of settlement for the Noongar people, we speak to South West Aboriginal Land & Sea Council CEO Glen Kerry on the merits or otherwise of the deal.

And the Indymedia crew will also be breaking you a highlights package from Saturday’s PRISM Break protest, an event held in the Perth Cultural Centre in advocacy of the right of all to privacy, and freedom from what has now become truly Orwellian State surveillance.

17th June #fracking #refugeerights #assange #occupygezi

Another show not be missed tonight where we’ll be speaking to Dayne Pratzky, President of Stop CSG Tara, on the efforts to keep coal seam gas fracking out of the western Darling Downs region of southeast Queensland.

Regular guest Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition on the manufactured terror scare around Egyptian asylum Sayed Ahmed Abdellatif.

Freelance journalist Austin Mackell, currently in Equador on the one year anniversary of Julian Assange holed up in the Equador embassy in London and also on the uprising in Turkey.