Refugee Rights Action Network’s Victoria Martin on their recent blockade to prevent a baby and her family being removed to Nauru


From a RRAN press release…

“The six-month old baby girl is one of 25 babies, born to asylum seeker mothers in Australia, now at risk of removal to Nauru following the Asylum Caseload Legacy Bill becoming law.

The move to uproot the family from Perth, where the parents have immediate family members reveals the complete cynicism behind the government bill.

Scott Morrison sold this bill on the basis that children and their families would be released from Christmas Island; but before the ink on the bill is dry, other babies are being set up for removal to the
hell-hole of detention on Nauru.

The children on Christmas Island were just bait for Morrison’s political trap. Now the bill’s through, families and children are, once again, fair game.

This family is already riven by grief over the death of another child last year and need to be in Perth near Mum’s family. They were still in recovery and so loving with the new bub…a little joy. We stayed all night and blocked the van as best we could but got dragged away by the boys in blue.

What Morrison has done to this family is indecent. Making this family suffer does not “protect our borders”. Making the Australian’s that love this family suffer does not “protect our borders”.

No mercy in Morrison’s Australia.

We will continue to resist.”

We speak with Victoria about the blockade and get her response on the refugee bill recently passed through the senate.


Independent filmmaker Aaron Fernandes on the conditions at the Manus Island refugee detention centre

Aaron Fernades traveled to the remote Manus Island in Papua New Guinea earlier this year to investigate Australia’s controversial detention policy and the lives it continues to affect. The result was an independent documentary produced for Al Jazeera. Indymedia spoke to Aaron to find out what exactly the conditions were like at the Manus Island facility and how the community felt about the detention centre.

Here is the link to his documentary –

Victoria Martin of RRAN on the Manus Island riot independent report which details deadly detention centre violence

According to a long-awaited government-commissioned review no single party was directly to blame for the two nights of violence that led to the death of the Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati at Manus detention centre.

We speak to Victoria Martin Refugee Rights Action Network’s about the report and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s response to it.

Audio package from #lightthedark vigil for the murder on Manus Island of asylum seeker Rezi Berati

On Sunday 23 February, more than 20,000 Australians turned out across the country and around the world to spread light during a dark time in Australian history. They gave hope and radiated compassion to asylum seekers suffering under our government’s cruel and punishing policies.

This is some audio from the Perth event.

Check out also the Refugee Rights Action Network –

2nd September Feminist Virginia Brown, Human Rights Lawyer Julian Burnside, Federal Labor Candidate Alannah MacTiernan

Continuing with the Wikileaks focus, we’ll be looking at an entirely different angle tonight as we speak to Virginia Brown from the group Feminists opposing an Assange-led Wikileaks Party.

We play a Morning Magazine interview with the human rights lawyer and refugee advocate Julian Burnside.

And livewire former State Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, and federal candidate for the seat of Perth, Alannah MacTiernan.