Author and journalist Antony Loewenstein on the current unfolding horror in Gaza

We speak with prominent Jewish author and journalist Antony Loewenstein on the current unfolding horror in Gaza.


Plan to Thrive about tips for activist well-being

Plan to Thrive about tips for activist well-being and avoiding activist burn out. Plan to Thrive is a collaborative blog project to encourage and support the health and wellbeing of people and groups engaged in working for social and ecological justice.

3rd June #refugeerights #occupy

We’reĀ  joined by Marcus Hampson of the Refugee Rights Action Network on the Monty Pythonesque excision of Australia from its own migration zone, the disturbing revelations of Mark Davis’ Dateline report on Manus Island, and other developments on the ever-worsening refugee policy front.

Also we talk to Joshua Stephens from New York’s Institute of Anarchist Studies on the connections between Occupy Wall Street and the popular explosion of anti-neoliberal rage in Istanbul, as well as the big picture of where we currently are in the third year of this decade of revolt.

6th May #suicide #indigenous #iraqwar

A discussion about the tragic rates of suicide in the Aboriginal community with the Directors of Dumbartung Aboriginal Corporation Robert and Selina Eggington and Maar Koodjal cultural educator and community leader Dennis Simmons.

Sami Ramadani, senior lecturer in sociology at London Metropolitan University and a political refugee from Iraq on the 10 years of the Iraq war and the threat of another full scale Iraqi civil war.