“Director of Autonomy” of loomio.org’s Richard Bartlett on the recent ‘pre-release’ of Loomio 1.0.

We speak with “Director of Autonomy” of loomio.org’s Richard Bartlett on the recent ‘pre-release’ of Loomio 1.0.

Loomio is an easy to use online tool for group decision-making which emerged from Occupy in New Zealand. It allows dispersed groups to reach decisions quickly and take constructive action.

Activist groups, community groups, businesses and government around the world are beginning to use it as a tool to aid in their decision making processes.   Groups such as the inspiring new progressive political party Podemos which itself emerged from the Indignado movement, the Spanish social movement that inspired Occupy.


Luke McMahon from Media Direct – a secure communications platform facilitating direct and anonymous contact with leading journalists.

Media Direct has announced today the opening of a new online service designed to securely connect whistleblowers and journalists.

“We live in an age where whistleblowers are more important than ever, but in which the technology used to blow the whistle has not kept pace with the technology used to stifle transparency,” says Luke McMahon, the Australian co-ordinator of the project whom we had the opportunity to speak with.


Dr Tim Rayner PhD Philosophy at the University of Sydneyon the pros and cons of social media

We speak with Dr Tim Rayner, PhD Philosophy at the University of Sydney, Director of One Million Acts of Innovation (Australia), launching January 2015. Tim is the writer of the award-winning short film, ‘Coalition of the Willing’(2010) and Life Changing: A Philosophical Guide

In this interview we talk to Tim about social media and its pros and cons in activism, progressive movements and in our society more broadly.