Nicola Paris of Counteract on the Summary Offences Act in Victoria

We speak with Nicola Paris of about the Summary Offences Act which has just passed through Victorian Parliament and which threatens to severely restrict direct action and other protest activity in that state.

We also have a chat with her about March in March.


10th June #whistleblowers #tppa #naziparty #internetfreedom #forestprotection

David Cake from Electronic Frontiers Australia on recent, shocking intelligence leaks in the USA exposing the Obama administration’s (via the NSA) intelligence gathering activities of an unsuspecting public and what similar activities are planned (and maybe already happening) here in Australian. We’ll also be speaking with him about the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) particularly in regards to how this may effect internet freedom.

And a conversation with a spokesperson from the anti-Golden Dawn Greek community in Melbourne, a city with a Greek descendant population of some 300,000, and a key target of the Nazi party’s plans for international growth.

Also Jess Beckerling from the WA Forest Alliance on the more than 35 eminent scientists from around Australia and the world that have signed on to a highly regarded statement for the protection of WA’s south-west forests.

3rd June #refugeerights #occupy

We’re  joined by Marcus Hampson of the Refugee Rights Action Network on the Monty Pythonesque excision of Australia from its own migration zone, the disturbing revelations of Mark Davis’ Dateline report on Manus Island, and other developments on the ever-worsening refugee policy front.

Also we talk to Joshua Stephens from New York’s Institute of Anarchist Studies on the connections between Occupy Wall Street and the popular explosion of anti-neoliberal rage in Istanbul, as well as the big picture of where we currently are in the third year of this decade of revolt.

27th May #homelessness #indigenousrights

Chantal Roberts, Executive Officer of Shelter WA, on the ever-worsening housing crisis in this State at a time when the economy is booming…for some of us.

Nyoongah cultural educator and community leader Dennis Simmons on Reconciliation Week, the Adam Goodes “affair” and the recent crisis summit on Aboriginal suicide.

Plus news from Democracy Now and editorial comments on the recent murder of a member of the British armed forces in London.

13th May #fracking #ndis #disabilityequity #400ppm #climatechange

Anti-gas fracking campaigner and concerned citizen Anjilene Phoenix on the truly frightening implications of gas fracking for environmental and human health.

Suresh Rajan of the National Ethnic Disability Alliance on the NDIS and the needs of disabled people from a non-English speaking background.

And 350 Australia’s Blair Palese about the recent ‘milestone of doom’ recorded at the Mauna Loa volcana atmospheric measuring station in Hawaii, a reading of 400 parts per million of carbon dioxide.

29th April #tamil #dancejournalism #wealthinequality

Richard Denniss of the The Australia Institute tackling wealth inequality.

Sam Fox of Dance Journalism on their recent “performance” at the Refugee Rights convergence in Northam this weekend just gone.

Varuni Bala on the ongoing atrocities against the Tamil people in Sri Lanka in light of the announcement by Canadian prime minister Stephen Harper to boycott this years CHOGM meeting in Colombo.

15th April #uranium #humanrights #tppa

-Conservation Council of WA anti-uranium campaigner Mia Pepper on the implications of federal environment minister Tony Burke’s decision to approve Toro Energy’s Wiluna uranium mine

-Kiwi human rights lawyer Edward Miller on the campaign against the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, yet another ‘free trade’ instrument designed to attack unions and undermine living standards in the interests of multinational corporations

-and Simon Palfreeman on the fight for justice for his son Jock, a young man convicted of murder and currently serving a 20 year jail sentence in Bulgaria.