No Fracking WAy organiser Claire McKinnon on their recent tour of WA fracking sites


No Fracking WAy organiser Claire McKinnon on their recent tour of WA fracking sites.


Perth Indymedia 19th May full show – featuring Alex Bainbridge, Richard Dennis, Amelia Hicks

With even Clive Palmer criticising the recent budget as “for the lobbyists and Liberal donors” there is much to discuss and be concerned about in the Abbott government’s first budget.

For a discussion on the economic level we speak to Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australia Institute for some of his analysis.

The NSW government’s suspension of Metgasco’s licence at Bentley in the Northern Rivers of NSW has lifted spirits across Australia.

We speak with Amelia Hicks, convenor of Gasfield Gree Balinor Shire and cofounder of Girls Against Gas on this important victory.

The release last week of a budget which breaks almost every Liberal election promise, prompted strong opposition on the streets of our major cities. We spoke to Perth March in May organiser Alex Bainbridge about the march itself, and plans for future organising.

Matt Grudnoff on his report for the Australia Institute on coal seam gas

We speak with Matt Grudnoff, senior economist at the Australia Institute about his recently released report on coal seam gas.

“The purpose of this paper is to bust the gas industry’s myths about coal seam gas (CSG). The gas industry has been prolific in putting out exaggerated claims about CSG’s economic benefits while at the same time staying almost completely silent on the health and environmental risks. This paper will look at both the economic claims and the health and environmental risks and will show that, while the economic benefits are likely to be relatively small, a lot more work needs to be done to assess the health and environmental risks. There is little for Australia to gain by rushing into an expansion of CSG operations.”

Read the full report here –

12th August #fracking #election #solar

Anjilene Phoenix from No Fracking Way joins us tonight to discuss the rally against coal seam gas happening in Freo this Saturday.

Socialist Alliance candidate for the seat of Fremantle Sam Wainwright will be on to remind us there really are alternatives to the major parties on offer at this election.

And Cameron Poustie from the Conservation Council of WA on the impact of the State government’s cut to the household solar panel feed-in tariff.

17th June #fracking #refugeerights #assange #occupygezi

Another show not be missed tonight where we’ll be speaking to Dayne Pratzky, President of Stop CSG Tara, on the efforts to keep coal seam gas fracking out of the western Darling Downs region of southeast Queensland.

Regular guest Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition on the manufactured terror scare around Egyptian asylum Sayed Ahmed Abdellatif.

Freelance journalist Austin Mackell, currently in Equador on the one year anniversary of Julian Assange holed up in the Equador embassy in London and also on the uprising in Turkey.