Jonathan Moylan NSW-based anti-coal activist on his activism and recent escape from a jail sentence for his fake press release

Jonathan Moylan, the NSW-based anti-coal activist who caused a sensation last year by briefly wiping $314 million off Whitehaven Coal’s share price via a fake press release, recently escaped a jail sentence for his breach of corporate law. The Indymedia Show caught up with him to discuss the significance of the case, as well as what’s next in the very vibrant campaign against coal mining in NSW.

Perth Indymedia 19th May full show – featuring Alex Bainbridge, Richard Dennis, Amelia Hicks

With even Clive Palmer criticising the recent budget as “for the lobbyists and Liberal donors” there is much to discuss and be concerned about in the Abbott government’s first budget.

For a discussion on the economic level we speak to Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australia Institute for some of his analysis.

The NSW government’s suspension of Metgasco’s licence at Bentley in the Northern Rivers of NSW has lifted spirits across Australia.

We speak with Amelia Hicks, convenor of Gasfield Gree Balinor Shire and cofounder of Girls Against Gas on this important victory.

The release last week of a budget which breaks almost every Liberal election promise, prompted strong opposition on the streets of our major cities. We spoke to Perth March in May organiser Alex Bainbridge about the march itself, and plans for future organising.

Mia Pepper from the Conservation Council of WA on the proposed Kintyre uranium mine

Mia Pepper from the Conservation Council of WA on the proposed Kintyre uranium mine which threatens WA biggest national park, Karlamilyi, just as the Ranger uranium mine is currently damaging the Kakadu National Park with three accidents in the past month alone. At a time when the uranium price is barely half the pre-Fukushima level, and more and more countries are turning their backs on nuclear power, a uranium mine that puts one of WA’s treasures at risk is economically unsound, environmentally risky and socially unacceptable.

Dylan Lehmann on his direct action experience preventing logging in South West Australia

We speak with Dylan Lehmann, a young man from Fremantle, who spent last week reclining in a suspended bathtub 8 metres above the forest floor in Challar forest. The bathtub is secured to two logging machines and preventing all logging in this high salt risk catchment of WA’s cleanest river.