“No jab no pay” a discussion with Ura Auckland on the Abbott government’s authoritarian new vaccination policy

The “No jab no pay” plan to withhold payments of child-care and family tax benefits for unvaccinated children could cost non-compliant parents up to A$15,000 a year in childcare and welfare benefits.

Perth Indymedia speaks with Ura Auckland, previously commercial executive in medical science and author of viral blog piece A call for Pro-truth to replace Pro-Vax v Anti-Vax.


Robin Taubenfeld of BrisCAN-G20 on the G20 actions of a Peoples Convergence and March

Robin Taubenfeld of BrisCAN-G20 on their Peoples Convergence and March opposing the upcoming G20 in Brisbane.

“BrisCAN-G20 is a broad network of groups concerned about the social and ecological impacts of the G20. Included in these are concerns about the immediate repercussions of hosting the G20 in our region – such as the current diminishing of civil liberties – and the local and global perpetuation of the economics of privilege. We see the G20 as an opportunity to unite and work towards transforming our society into a more just and sustainable one.”

See http://briscan.net.au/ for more info.