Turbans and Trust co-founder Harjit Singh on the recent interfaith ceremony in the wake of the Sydney siege

We speak with Turbans and Trust co-founder and Perth Sikh community leader Harjit Singh on the recent interfaith ceremony in the wake of the Sydney siege in solidarity with the Muslim community and in remembrance of lives lost.

Check out http://www.turbansandtrust.com/


A conversation with “The Stimulator” – radical media extraordinaire Frank Lopez of Submedia

Perth Indymedia speaks with the “The Stimulator” – radical media extraordinaire, anarchist, independent media legend – Frank Lopez of Submedia.


Refugee Rights Action Network’s Victoria Martin on their recent blockade to prevent a baby and her family being removed to Nauru


From a RRAN press release…

“The six-month old baby girl is one of 25 babies, born to asylum seeker mothers in Australia, now at risk of removal to Nauru following the Asylum Caseload Legacy Bill becoming law.

The move to uproot the family from Perth, where the parents have immediate family members reveals the complete cynicism behind the government bill.

Scott Morrison sold this bill on the basis that children and their families would be released from Christmas Island; but before the ink on the bill is dry, other babies are being set up for removal to the
hell-hole of detention on Nauru.

The children on Christmas Island were just bait for Morrison’s political trap. Now the bill’s through, families and children are, once again, fair game.

This family is already riven by grief over the death of another child last year and need to be in Perth near Mum’s family. They were still in recovery and so loving with the new bub…a little joy. We stayed all night and blocked the van as best we could but got dragged away by the boys in blue.

What Morrison has done to this family is indecent. Making this family suffer does not “protect our borders”. Making the Australian’s that love this family suffer does not “protect our borders”.

No mercy in Morrison’s Australia.

We will continue to resist.”

We speak with Victoria about the blockade and get her response on the refugee bill recently passed through the senate.

“Director of Autonomy” of loomio.org’s Richard Bartlett on the recent ‘pre-release’ of Loomio 1.0.

We speak with “Director of Autonomy” of loomio.org’s Richard Bartlett on the recent ‘pre-release’ of Loomio 1.0.

Loomio is an easy to use online tool for group decision-making which emerged from Occupy in New Zealand. It allows dispersed groups to reach decisions quickly and take constructive action.

Activist groups, community groups, businesses and government around the world are beginning to use it as a tool to aid in their decision making processes.   Groups such as the inspiring new progressive political party Podemos which itself emerged from the Indignado movement, the Spanish social movement that inspired Occupy.