Victoria Martin of RRAN on the Manus Island riot independent report which details deadly detention centre violence

According to a long-awaited government-commissioned review no single party was directly to blame for the two nights of violence that led to the death of the Iranian asylum seeker Reza Barati at Manus detention centre.

We speak to Victoria Martin Refugee Rights Action Network’s about the report and Immigration Minister Scott Morrison’s response to it.


Ruah Community Services chief executive Francis Lynch on poverty and homelessness in Perth

Despite the wealth existing in Perth, poverty and homelessness are problems that are on the rise, with many people forced to sleep rough on our streets. Indymedia spoke to Ruah Community Services chief executive Francis Lynch about how things need to change.

Jess Ison editor of ‘To the Exclusion Of All Others: Queers Questioning Gay Marriage’

We’re joined by Jess Ison, editor of the soon-to-be released book ‘To the Exclusion Of All Others: Queers Questioning Gay Marriage’. Jess discusses the book and how she came to this position of being pro-queer but anti-same sex (and other) marriage.

You can find out more about this book here:


Economist Richard Denniss of the Australia Institute on the economic “virtue” of the first Abbott budget

With even Clive Palmer criticising the recent budget as “for the lobbyists and Liberal donors” there is much to discuss and be concerned about in the Abbott government’s first budget.

For a discussion on the economic level we speak to Richard Denniss, Executive Director of the Australia Institute for some of his analysis.