Paddy Gibson associate producer of Utopia on the Redfern premiere and its wider impact

We speak with Paddy Gibson Co-editor Solidarity magazine, Aboriginal rights campaigner, socialist activist, researcher with Jumbunna at UTS and associate producer of Utopia.


Award-winning filmmaker John Pilger on Utopia

When you think Utopia, you think of a pristine, untainted world.

However, in his new documentary about Australia, award-winning filmmaker John Pilger reveals our nations tainted history and a place long at the centre of indigenous identity called Utopia that’s now is a fraction of its former self.

John Pilger joined Morning Magazine presenter Rewi Lyall.

Dr Theresa Petray on self-determination in Indigenous education

Dr Theresa Petray works at James Cook University in Townsville in the disciplines of sociology and anthropology. Her work focuses on social movements and activism – in particular, Aboriginal activism. This interview covers some of the issues explored in Petray’s article ‘Punishing Truancy is not the Answer in Indigenous Communities‘, where she argues for self-determination rather than punitive measures in Indigenous education.