Interview Richard Heinberg the “End of Growth”

Richard Heinberg, American journalist and educator speaking with us about energy, economic, and ecological issues, including Peak Oil. He serves as the senior fellow at the Post Carbon Institute.

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Richard speaks in Perth 6pm, Thursday 27 September, Wesfarmers Lecture Theatre, UWA Business School, Hackett Drive, Crawley.

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Interview Jarrod McKenna Swan Island Peace Convergence & First Home Project

Jarrod McKenna on the Swan Island Peace Convergence, pushing for bringing Australian troops back from Afghanistan and ending US-Australian military alliance.

Also Jarrod talks about the First Home Projecta project his family is undertaking to help provide affordable medium term accommodation and an inclusive community for refugees who are struggling in this housing crisis.

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Perth Indymedia 17th September 2012

Restream the show from 17th September 2012;

Katie and Nick discuss a recent puppy slaughter case and link this to broader themes of animal rights.

Interview Kevin Dunn Head of School and Professor in Human Geography and Urban Studies at University of Western Sydney (UWS) on the protests across the Muslim world sparked by an online film that mocks Islam’s holy prophet.

Interview with Carl Scrase from Occupy Melbourne about the one year anniversary of the Occupy movement and the upcoming #globalnoise festival uniting many progressive social movements from around the world.

Legendary Perth Indymedia veteran Alex Whisson with a great rant about the “Innocence of Muslims” video and how this current drama is representative of the complex relationship between the Western and Muslim worlds.

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