Jessica Ellen on the Importance of Funding for Domestic Violence Services

Jessica Ellen takes on the lack of funding for services to tackle domestic violence in the federal budget. Jessica is a law student who has done research into domestic violence and volunteered at community legal centres. She discusses the importance of domestic violence services and education for men, as well as gendered violence and why anger management alone doesn’t address it.

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Will Potter, Activism Is NOT Terrorism

We’re joined by independent journalist Will Potter from He discusses: what ‘green is the new red’ refers to (linking the previous “red scare” about communism to the current “green scare” about animal and environmental activists), the way repressive laws target both militant and moderate activists, and the ways these laws are creeping into Australia and elsewhere around the world.

Grainne on Rethinking The Link

The proposed Roe 8 extension is a 5.2 kilometre extension of the Roe 8 highway through Beeliar wetlands to just west of coobelup avenue. This road in combination with others including Roe 9 as well as a possible return of the Fremantle Eastern By-pass in the form of a tunnel is a part of the Barnett government’s freight link plan. The development will have severe impacts on the environment and community of Fremantle. While the government are pushing ahead with the project, many argue that there are many alternatives, most notably moving freight to rail. Indymedia’s Ray Grenfell spoke to Grainne from the group Rethink The Link to hear more about such alternatives and the campaign to stop the roads.

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Marcus Hampson on the 8000 Rohingyan asylum seekers stranded in the Malacca Straits – 18th May 2015

Marcus Hampson from the Refugee Rights Action Network of WA (RRAN) on the 8000 Rohingyan asylum seekers stranded in the Malacca Straits.

Having spent up to 3 months on boats being turned away form Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, up to 8000 Rohingyan asylum seekers are now stranded in the Malacca Straits. 200 are already dead and more are at risk from dehydration and starvation.

Alison Broinowski on the Australians for War Powers Reform initiative – 11 May 2014

Former Australian diplomat and academic Alison Broinowski on the Australians for War Powers Reform initiative as part of the ongoing project of the Campaign for an Iraq War Inquiry, established in 2012. The initiative is one from prominent Australians who believe that the decision to commit the Australian Defence Force to international armed conflict should be made by Parliament, not by the Prime Minister or Executive. They advocate for the development of legal frameworks that invest in Parliament the exclusive power to make that decision.